Stay Connected & Chat with guest's via your Free Digital Welcome App

The power of good communication. A tried and tested hospitality trait with a twist of game-changing technology.

Q-Guest. Inviting, flawless and integral to your accommodation

Get the conversation flowing! Q-Guest facilitates guest/property communication pre-arrival, during and in preparation for future stays. Guests stay well informed and, most importantly, well looked after.


So how does Q-Guest work?

Our guest welcome platform App collects all your accommodations content (best bits and need-to-knows) in a good-looking and easily accessible format. Engaging, informative and user-friendly; a virtual reception for your guest's.

>You become more efficient

Guest uncertainty? A thing of the past!

Open dialogue between you and your guests. Regular questions that keep cropping up? No problem! Save time and give ultimate guest clarity via message scheduling and faqs. If guest's are still unsure, they can always engage in instant messaging through the App.

Your guests feel empowered

Happy, satisfied guests! Our favourite kind!

Giving your guests the tools to prepare for their stay makes for truly satisfied, upbeat customers. Q-Guest summarises useful information such as directions, local eateries, trendy wine bars and things to do in the area. Q-Guest offers a pre-arrival peace of mind.

Enhanced, fully charged bookings!

Q-Guest provides functionality for your guests to add extras to their stay! The results? Extra revenue for you and tailored, beautifully enhanced sleepovers for your customers. Think evening meals, champagne or even a charge to bring a furry friend. Ultimately, guests are super impressed even before they have arrived :)

>You become more efficient

Give more with a virtual tour.

Easily upload a video of your accommodation, grounds or whatever you like and give guests a sneak peek via the app.

Your guests feel empowered

Fully Customisable.

Put your stamp on this clever piece of tech! Add your images, change the theme colour and promote your business; super professional.

Instant Messaging.

Q-Guest allows your guests to chat with you when they need you most. Responsive, accessible chats make for very satisfied guests.


Stay in touch, regardless of your location; it's good to chat!

Your whereabouts needn't impact how you deliver an excellent guest experience. Q-Guest promotes guest interaction efficiently and at a safe distance.

From the comfort of wherever your guests may be, they can contact you from their preferred source; email, via social media or SMS (fees apply for SMS). However they reach you, all communication will populate one general inbox.

Your reception now sits in the hands of your guest's (or pocket, handbag or however they carry their device). Your guests access a virtual, safe, faceless reception with rapid communication.

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View all your reviews in one place

Welcome and delight your guests with your Digital Booklet

Fully customisable, revenue-generating and informative. Also known as, Q-Guest. Ensuring that both you and your guests are happy, wherever you are.

Drive repeat business. Enable your guests to book again and again via the App.

Add a video to your App about your accommodation and virtually wow your guests.

List FAQ's. Give guests ultimate clarity and bypass the same old, same old questions.

Display useful & practical information. If things change, you can update your App in a flash.

Q-Guest Great Map Features

Stay Relevant - Q-Guest gives insight into the local area. Think restaurants, amenities and awesome activities - your guests can explore digitally.


Explore What’s Nearby

Let users browse local attractions. An organised stay makes for a great stay! Restaurants, Bars etc. They'll know the area like the back of their hand, even before they arrive.


Local Guide

Hidden gems, local beauty spots and undiscovered landmarks all become easily locatable. The more your guests uncover, the more likely they'll return to explore.


Map Zoom In & Out

Pinpoint key attractions and bring points of interest to your customer's attention. Based on experience, you'll know exactly what your guests head to the area for.


Great to have at hand

Guests can familiarise themselves with local amenities on the go. If they are unsure of where to head next, they simply refer to the App which guides them to their next pit stop.

View all your reviews in one place

All your Reviews in one Place

Q-Guest collates all your reviews from popular and recognised sources;, Airbnb, Google, Expedia,, Open Table and many more. The power of great reviews unquestionably promotes more business.

Reviews from multiple sources display a general sentiment about your business. Organic reviews in one place make it easy for your guests to read (and admire)!

If customers don't yet know your accommodation, reviews are usually a pretty good starting place; customers trust other customers.

Reviews tend to encourage more reviews! Those who read your reviews are more likely to leave one too. A perfect chain reaction!

Verified and independent reviews build trust and loyalty. Unbiased opinions and comments encourage bookings and business.

View all your reviews in one place

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Welcome Page

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Menu Page / Book Again

q-guest chat

Chat with Guests

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Add Google Attractions


All Reviews in One Place

view bookings

Guests view Bookings (Q-Book)

View all your bookings through the APP Q-Guest

View all your bookings through the APP Q-Guest.

View all your bookings through the APP Q-Guest.

Let your clients download your amazing App or just use in your Browser.

Chat, Browse and re-book through the App also let users search your local attractions - Restarants, Bars etc..

Brilliant New App for free, whats stopping you?